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Welcome to the Cherished Heart Community

I’m so glad you have discovered this website!

This is a gathering place for women – mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, hockey moms, corporate executives, part time florists and YOU!

We are women who are often too busy, sleep deprived, concerned about weight, stretched too thin, caught up and swept away by the busy-ness of life.  Do you ever find yourself wondering how this became your life?

Do you need to find a corner of peace and rest?
Do your life dreams seem out of reach?
Do you need someone to BELIEVE in you?

Sometimes we are not living the life we expected
and the path ahead is not clear.

How do you find peace if you are overwhelmed?
How do you pursue your dreams if you are tired?
How do you embrace joy if you are feeling wounded?
How do you share with others if your heart is lonely?

If your heart responded to these questions – this is the place for you.

Cherished Heart Community is for women who want to come alive and live fully – everyday. EVERY DAY.  In the midst of change, chaos, transition and crisis, we are here to listen and to walk beside each other. We share our hearts, our stories and our journeys of faith. We encourage. We inspire. This is a heart community.

Hope begins in the heart. Change begins with your heart.

What are you going to do today to take care of your heart?



Cherished Heart

Living life with a radiant heart and clear vision.


Spend a weekend discovering how to cherish your heart.


The Step Beyond – marriage and relationship coaching.

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